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Make Than Just A Welcome Mat: Tips On Choosing A New Front Door

  • Posted on: 24 May 2016
  • By: admin

Although replacing front doors is not a hard task, it does involve a little planning and precision. The hinges, locks and doorknobs must be aligned exactly or it will be difficult if not impossible to open, close or lock it.

Since a plethora of styles and materials are available for new front doors, it might seem like a monumental task to find a new one. DIY stores often carry stock sizes with various designs ranging from plain to luxurious.

It is best to start with the local town or city ordinance board. Ask what kind of door is acceptable, the type of security peephole that is required and the type of lock that may be required. An interior door is a hollow-core model that will not pass most city codes, because it is flimsy and easily broken into.


Wood has been used for centuries to adorn the threshold of houses. It is easily shaped to fit odd-shaped openings and can be outfitted with windows, peepholes, panels, trims and much more. For vintage and heritage homes, this is the only material that will pass historical code inspection.

Many companies exist that specialize in repairing or building models for older homes. Odd-shaped doors and sizes can be custom built for a nominal fee. The companies may ship directly to the homeowner or contractor for installation.

Wood must be protected from the elements with sealer or paint. It will warp, crack or rot if not maintained properly.


One of the most widely used materials today; vinyl filled with insulation materials supply energy-efficient models for virtually any home. They can be molded to resemble virtually style of today or of times past. Windows can be installed and security peepholes are easily installed.

Another advantage is that vinyl will not absorb moisture; it will not rot, warp or fall apart like wood. It still needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure looks and durability.

Odd sizes and shapes can be custom built using vinyl materials and insulation. The homeowner can have a vintage style door with any type of home.


Today’s steel models are no longer plain. They can resemble most panel styles or even imitate wood grain. They must be maintained to prevent rusting from exposure to the elements.

Their advantage is that they provide greater security than those built from other materials . They are built with an insulated core, similar to vinyl. Depending on the model, it may stand up to abuse from the elements or people far better than other materials.

Hardware And Accents

Hinges can be found for any model the homeowner desires. Many vintage hinges still exist that provide security and beauty at the same time.

Doorknobs, doorknob plates, locks, peepholes and other accessories can complement the home’s interior and exterior appearance.

Painting Or Staining

The appearance of any door can be changed with paint. Be sure to ask the DIY representative about the right type of primer and/or paint for your needs. If you need to sand first, obtain the right grit and do not rush through the procedure. Your new front door will last for decades with proper care.