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Why you should hire a painter instead of doing it yourself

  • Posted on: 21 September 2017
  • By: admin

In the interest of saving money and preventing too much disruption to your home, you decide on tackling that painting job yourself even though you have never painted before. You buy all of your paint and materials, tape around your edges, and apply coats of paint to all of your walls. You may think the job was a great success but as the paint dries it looks poor and you are left disappointed and dissatisfied.Hiring professional painters, while admittedly more intrusive and costly, would have been more beneficial. Below are reasons why hiring a residential painting company is sometimes better than attempting the job yourself.

They are safety-minded
If your home was built in pre-1978, chances are lead paint was used for the interior walls. Lead paint can be harmful especially to children and pets if disturbed with methods such as sanding. If you suspect that your house has lead paint on its walls, hiring a professional is imperative. The company will verify if lead paint is present and follow proper procedures to minimize the exposure to lead paint such as using plastics sheets, dust-free vacuums, and ensuring everyone present is protected with appropriate attire. Make sure the painter you hire to remove the lead paint is certified under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

They do the job right
While painting a few walls is seen by some people as just a way to make your home aesthetically pleasing, those few coats of paint can in fact raise your home’s resale value significantly. Therefore, you want to make sure the job is done correctly. Hiring professional painting companies guarantee that someone with experience will be completing the job and this will mean your walls will be free of drips, rolling marks, and paintbrush strokes. Painters can make recommendations regarding what paint would suit your house design and location as well as make certain that the right type of paint is used for a specific room. For instance, you would hate to use an ordinary latex-based paint for your bathroom when you should have used one specific to bathrooms that can prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

They are fast and efficient
If you have never painted before, most of your time will be spent doing preparation work, such as taping around baseboards, ceilings, and doorframes and making initial cuts at your edges with paintbrushes. This can be time-consuming and most people who want a room painted want it done quickly and correctly so they can return to their normal routines. If you are inexperienced and have more than one room to paint, the job could take months to complete. Residential painting companies can give you a date that they will begin the job as well as an end date for when they are done and your home can return to normal. They are equipped with all of the tools required such as caulk and patching tools and paint guns if needed.Because they are experienced they do not need to do as much preparation work such as taping around edges which will save time and money. Professional painters will also look after the messy job of cleaning up when they are done.

They are insured
Professional painters are licensed and insured. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that if anything is ruined while they are painting your home, there is a mechanism in place to make things right. Before hiring a painter you are considering, ask to see their proof of insurance. If they fail to comply with this request, it may mean that they are uninsured and have no way of covering any incidents that may occur during the course of the job. You may be interested in the Absolute Home Services website if you would like more information.