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What You Never Knew about Modern Hardwood Flooring

  • Posted on: 1 August 2016
  • By: admin

Before carpet and tile, there was wood flooring. Though the style of flooring never become outdated, there is something to be said about its modern day popularity. The practicality of wood is undeniable, and the miscellaneous ways to update the ancient style are increasing each day. As styles change and the need for modernity increases, popular ways to finish and stain floors begin to become more apparent within the industry. Of the most influential include:

Ultra Blonde or Natural

The light appearance of these woods tends to make a room more spacious, open, and creates a level of comfort that makes any house a home. As people opt for natural, they tend to omit a finish entirely, which is more time-efficient, cost-effective, and extends the appearance of the floor. Natural or ultra blonde wood tends to be for those who desire a more casual approach to home decor.

A Wire-Brushed Finish

Often times, people who desire a hardwood floor appreciate the earthy grain of the wood. The technique of wire-brushing results in the soft portion of the wood being scraped off to expose the hard wood and its natural grain found underneath. A wire bristled tool leaves the wood textured in appearance, but smooth to the touch. A gray stain works best to complete the look.

On the Contrary, Modern Meets Vintage

Wider planks create a very vintage look, but when stained with modern colors, like black, or cherry, and when completed with a matte finish, chic home flooring ensues. The marrying of antique aspects with contemporary styles is becoming increasingly popular--especially when people cannot simply choose between the attractive aspects of both styles.

Out With the Reds

Red wood used to be the most popular, with over 80% of wood flooring choices being one of the many hues offered in the color. However, this color was very monotonous and left little room for decor options, and was best left to those with elegant tastes. As more people began to realize that browns, blacks, and natural white oaks were easier to coordinate with styles, colors, and more rooms within the home, reds became outdated. It is either an ultra blonde or hues darker than ebony--there is no in between!

Luxury Rugs

In keeping with the theme of light and dark, luxury rugs complete any room they are in. Black wood would allow any rug pattern or color to become the focal point of the room; A light blue luxury rug would look lovely placed against a wire-brushed, natural wood. If you can imagine it, a luxury rug paired with a modern hardwood floor can turn your ideas into reality. If you would like to learn more, visit Relative Space.