Family Games That Will Make A Road Trip More Fun

Family Games That Will Make A Road Trip More Fun

A family road trip is usually a fun and memorable experience for everyone. One of the necessary parts of the trip, however, is the long drive that is required in order to get to the final destination. This can be a boring time for some families. It might also be an isolating period if kids are allowed to vanish into a handheld game or social media website on a mobile device. There are a few classical games that will help to make traveling long distances in the car much more fun for everyone. Most of the games can even be enjoyed by the driver because they do not require looking away from the road.

Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is a very fun game for children and adults. One person in the car thinks of something well-known or famous. Everyone else is then able to ask a question about what that thing is. Only 20 questions can be asked in total after which a guess has to be made. The catch is that every one of the questions that is asked must only be answerable with a yes or no answer without any other type of elaboration.

License Plate Game

Everyone in the car will see a wide range of license plates before the road trip is over. The license plate game involves looking at the letters on a license plate. Everyone then tries to think of a word or phrase based on the order of the letters on the license plate. Sometimes a word can be made from the letters while other times each letter becomes the start of a word in a longer phrase. The first person to make an intelligible phrase wins the round.

Alphabet Game

The alphabet game is fun for everyone and can take up a good bit of time while on the road. The game starts when someone picks a topic like animals or movies. Starting with the letter A everyone then tries to think of three things related to the topic that start with that letter of the alphabet. The first person to successfully shout of three answers wins and the game moves on to the next letter. The game can be repeated over and over with different topics.

Online Games

Technology and mobile devices are hard to ignore especially when trapped inside of a car for several hours. There are some new games online that will help to pass the time while also allowing everyone in the car to have fun. There are social media games available so that if everyone in the car has a device, then everyone will be able to play the same game together. There are also some games where the app on a device just guides the play such as trivia games where everyone in the car tries to come up with the correct answer. There are even translations of classical board games that can be played on mobiles devices in order to make a road trip go a little faster.